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Xavier Youth Basketball Association ("XYBA") Summary


The Xavier Youth Basketball Association (XYBA) provides student athletes a chance to develop basketball skills, learn teamwork and gain competitive experience in an environment that reflects the values of the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Schools system  Appleton, Wisconsin. XYBA is for boys and girls in grades 3 through 8 attending the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Schools or with an interest in attending St. Francis Xavier High School. XYBA also supports less formal introductory skills programs for Xavier students in grades K-2. 

XYBA is an active supporter of both the Xavier Middle School and High School basketball programs and works closely with the Varsity girls and boys basketball coaches in the development of our program.  


XYBA promotes basketball skill development while teaching team fundamentals and exposing kids to competitive basketball through participation in weekend tournaments hosted in the region.  All teams are taught the Xavier philosophy, with advancements in skills, concepts and competition as our players progress into upper grade levels.  In general, grades 3-6 are organized into teams of equal talent, and players can expect to experience equitable (but not always equal) playing time.  In Grades 7 and 8 teams will begin to be organized by player ability.  In 7th and 8th Grade, all players are entitled to play but playing time may not always be equal.  See the Team/Roster page on the XYBA website for more specifics on the philosophy for each grade level. 


XYBA succeeds because of our volunteers.  Coaching is led by parent and community volunteers at all levels with instruction from the varsity coaches, and these volunteers need your support.  If parents have an interest in becoming a head or assistant coach, please contact any XYBA Board Member.  Whenever possible, we seek to appoint non-parent coaches at the upper levels.  All coaches will be selected by the XYBA Board and are evaluated by parents each season.  All coaches are VIRTUS trained in accordance with Xavier Catholic School guidelines.


Each team will hold combined practices, normally twice per week for 90 minutes.  Practices will focus on individual and team skill sets, with limited scrimmaging. While coaches will be flexible with family conflicts, players are expected to be at all practices and scheduled games.


For boys and girls in grades 3 through 6, each player can generally expect to play in 5 tournaments for the basic season, plus 3 additional tournaments for those players that sign up for an optional extended season.  In grades 7 and 8 players can expect to play in 8 tournaments for the season. 

This is subject to change depending on the level of player participation on a team and availability of tournament vacancies.  Tournament games are scheduled on weekends at the discretion of each team’s coach and based on tournament availability.  Many weekends, a team will play three to seven games.  While most tournaments will be within an hour’s drive, you may attend tournaments with longer travel requirements.


XYBA requires a membership fee designed to cover the cost of the program.  This total must be paid before the player may practice or play in any games.  Participants in XYBA must also purchase a team uniform.