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Xavier Youth Basketball Association ("XYBA") Summary

2022-23 Season Information and Program Overview

Boys and Girls Grades 3-8

Welcome and Info. Session.  We thank our Xavier Basketball families for enduring what was a challenging last season in the face of COVID-19.  We are excited to invite you and your student athletes to register to participate in the Xavier Youth Basketball Association (XYBA) 2022-23 youth season.  

Program Overview.  Xavier Youth Basketball welcomes all student athletes and stresses teaching basketball fundamentals, sportsmanship consistent with the Xavier way, and exposure to competitive basketball.  

The Xavier Youth Basketball program will consist of the following two-phase season for grades 3 through 8.  XYBA is open to Xavier Catholic School System students, as well as any other students with an expressed interest in attending Xavier High School.

  • League Season (Late October through January)
    • Practices begin the week of October 24
    • Girls Grades 3-8 will play in Bay Area Development League
    • Boys Grades 3-8 will play in the Fox Area Youth Basketball League
    • All teams 5-8 will also participate in the XMS Catholic School League
  • Tournament Season
    • Weekend tournaments January through March (season length can vary by age)
    • Grades 3-6 offer regular season (3-5 tournaments) plus an extended season option (3 tournaments)
    • Grades 7-8 offer single combined season (8 tournaments)
    • Players who wish to play in the Tournament Season are expected to first play in the League Season
  • Hawk60 Small Group Skill Sessions will be offered again this year as an addition benefit for players

Oversight and Support.  XYBA is a school sports program under Xavier Catholic Schools, and also enjoys the support of our Xavier High School Varsity basketball coaches (Girls’ Coach Andy VandeHey, and Boys' Coach Matt Klarner) who provide vision and coaching guidance.   XYBA has a Board that consists of parent volunteers, the Varsity Coaches and the Xavier Superintendent, and which provides oversight and support to our program.

Philosophy.  All teams are taught Xavier basketball philosophy, with advancements in skills, concepts and competition as our players progress into upper grade levels.  In general, grades 3-6 are organized into teams of similar talent, and players can expect to experience equitable (but not always equal) playing time.  At higher grade levels, Coaches have the discretion to organize teams based on player ability and the competitive nature of individual tournaments, with flexibility to move players between teams throughout the season.  At higher grade levels players are entitled to play in each event but playing time may not always be equal. 

Coaches.  Coaching is led by parent and community volunteers at all levels with instruction from the varsity coaches.  When possible, we seek to appoint non-parent head coaches at the upper grade levels.  All coaches are selected by the XYBA Board and must complete an application and complete VIRTUS training. If parents have an interest in becoming a coach, please contact any XYBA Board Member. 

Practices Each grade level will hold combined practices, normally 2-3 per week for 90 minutes, with older grades practicing more frequently.  While coaches will be flexible with family conflicts and school events, players are expected to be at all practices and scheduled games.

Fees and Uniforms XYBA requires a fee designed to cover the cost of the program, and financial aid is available to families in need by contacting a Xavier Board Member.  Fees and uniform costs are summarized as follows: 



League Season

Tournament Regular Season

Tournament Extended Season

Uniform Purchase (required for all players)


3rd-6th Grade Boys & Girls







$45 jersey, $45 shorts for youth sizes

$46.50 jersey, $46.50 shorts for adult sizes


7th-8th Grade Boys & Girls




$230 combined

Players are required to purchase a uniform, which are ordered through the XYBA website as part of the player registration process.  After many years of feedback from players and families, in 2021 we transitioned to new and improved uniforms.  While we understand that this represents a significant expense, the new uniforms are of better quality and fit, and families should plan to use them over multiple years.  Given the different design, we will not be utilizing the old uniforms this year.  We have also worked to ensure our registration fees remain flat this year.  Any late orders are subject to a late fee.  

Players may request jersey numbers through the registration process.  While priority will be given to players who wish to retain a prior year’s number, there are no guarantees.  

Spirit Wear:  XYBA will offer a sprit wear sale for players and families through our outside vendor later in the fall and separate from registration. 

Little Hawks:  For those families with children in grades K through 2, XYBA offers a "Little Hawks" program that provides weekly instructional sessions to introduce kids to the game of basketball in a fun atmosphere.  Coach Klarner will also host his annual Little Hawks Clinic on October 17-18-19 for boys in grades K-3.  Finally, Coach VandeHey will hold a clinic for Girls K-3 on November 2.  Look for additional communications and Little Hawks registration in the near future.

Volunteers:  XYBA is a success because of our many volunteers - including our coaches, assistant coaches, team coordinators and volunteers at XYBA-sponsored events.   XYBA asks families to volunteer at the XYBA-hosted games.  Thank you in advance for the strong volunteer support!  

Conduct.  XYBA players are subject to Xavier rules of student conduct for extracurricular activities.  Players, coaches and parent spectators are expected to show good sportsmanship consistent with Xavier values. 

Register Today!  Thank you for your interest and support for XYBA basketball.  Register by the September 15 deadline.  Please share our program with any family that may be interested in Xavier Youth Basketball.  

Contact Michelle Hermus (XYBA President,, John Cleaver (Boys Program Director, ) Mary Heimann (Girls Program Director,, or Beth Reed (Secretary & Registration Lead, with any questions.