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Program Expectations


  • Exemplify the Xavier values
  • Academics are the first priority, and Xavier minimum GPA requirements apply
  • Come to ALL practices and games prepared to hustle and learn
  • Be on time for practices and games
  • Be respectful of your parents, coaches, teammates, opponents and officials
  • Be respectful of our facilities, including the parish communities that host us
  • Report injuries to your coaches immediately
  • If you are unable to practice or play a game, call a coach with as much advance notice as is possible.
  • Communicate any problems or concerns in a respectful manner.  Foul language is not tolerated.
  • During the XYBA season, no XYBA player may participate or play on any other basketball team.
  • Always have fun


  • Exemplify the  Xavier values
  • Assist your children in meeting XYBA Player Expectations
  • Be respectful of the team, coaches, opponents and officials
  • Parents are expected to be supportive of our teams in the stands, and may not attempt to coach players, instruct coaches or communicate with officials from the sideline. 
  • XYBA succeeds due to our volunteers, so please volunteer as an assistant coach or in another role. Coaches will communicate volunteer opportunities to you.
  • Communicate all relevant player health issues to a coach (i.e. asthma, injuries)
  • Get your children to games and practices on-time; pick your child up on-time
  • Communicate any concerns in a respectful manner and at the appropriate time and place.  If you feel a coach is not being responsive, the Boys or Girls Program Director or XYBA President are available to hear parent concerns.
  • Thank the parishes and schools for their commitment to XYBA.  Your positive feedback matters.
  • Support your team and the organization


  • Exemplify the Xavier values
  • Abide by XYBA Team Expectations
  • Learn the game; teach your players
  • Use the drills, offense and defense sets that the High School advisors put in place.
  • Model good sportsmanship, work ethic and respect
  • Be respectful of the players, parents, opponents and officials
  • Be prepared for practices and games
  • Communicate and be accessible
  • Encourage leadership, sportsmanship and good judgment